I’m just a person who loves creating delicious meals, mixing flavors, and trying new things in the kitchen.  I have no formal culinary training, other than growing up working in a Family Restaurant and helping out in the busy family kitchen with a grandma and mom who always cooked.  I’ve enjoyed my share of fine dining and like bringing the experience into the home at dinner time.

I don’t include specific measurements in my recipes because I think a good cook or chef guesstimates, depending upon what looks and feels right.  It’s never by the book and the ingredients are rarely the same, unless it becomes someones’ favorite.  I make meals that work well on a smaller budget, saving the finer foods for special occasions, but all my recipes, no matter how inexpensive, always come out gourmet.  I’ll admit, I don’t always add the parsley to the plate or make the best meals just for myself, but when entertaining, I enjoy bringing the restaurant to the home kitchen.

Cooking is fun when you have someone you can share it with!  Setting the table, using the best dishes, flatware, glassware, along with candles and music at dinner time to me is the best way to enjoy a meal.  It’s like creating a Fine Dining experience every night of the week in the comfort of your own home.   You can change up the music and decor depending upon what kind of meal you serve, making it the funnest part of the day.

wine food


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