Pot Roast

Nothing really beats a Pot Roast in the Fall and Winter.  It’s the easiest meal for the working woman or man and you just can’t beat the taste.  The trick to a good Pot Roast is not really the type of meat you choose, but the method you use.  I’ve cooked Pot Roasts in a pan in the oven, in a bag in the oven, and in the crock pot and the Crock Pot method wins for flavor, tenderness, and ease.

Pot Roast (any kind)
Chicken or Beef Stock
Garlic (Fresh, Salt or Powder)
Rosemary or Thyme or a Bay Leaf (each has its own flavor to add)

Cut up the vegetables and put the Roast in the Crock Pot with the Stock and let it cook all day long on low.  If you don’t have Chicken or Beef Stock, just use water; all of the flavors will mix in all day long.  If you don’t have kids and aren’t in Alcoholics Anonymous, I highly recommend adding some White or Red Wine.  I’ve always been the type to trim the fat before cooking, but some think the fat adds to the flavor; so you might remove it after if you are health conscious like me.

The level of juice or liquid is key to this dish, as well as the seasonings.  Too little liquid will make a dry roast and too much will make a soup, yet its not an entirely lost cause unless you burn it.

There are variations to this dish:  You can change up the type of meat, as well as the types of potatoes and vegetables.  You might try using Red Roasted Potatoes vs. Russet Potatoes, or try celery or broccoli instead of carrots.  You just have to keep in mind cooking time for vegetables.  Carrots seem to maintain their thickness and don’t dissolve from cooking all day.  If you choose to use Poultry instead of beef, I recommend removing the skin since it doesn’t work well with the crock pot.

You can use the drippings from the Roast as a base for a delicious soup or gravy for another night.

Honestly, this is one of my all time favorites.  I hope you enjoy it!


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