Chorizo & Eggs

An all time family favorite.  Honestly, I hated it when I was a kid.  I thought it was too spicy, and as an adult, I thought it was going to make my hips spread faster than I could say mommy, but it didn’t; and I grew to love this breakfast, so much so, I’d even make it for dinner.  The awesome thing is, these ingredients can be found at the Dollar Store!

Chorizo (It’s a Mexican Red Pork or Beef, packaged in a tube)
Green Onions
Flour Tortillas

You don’t need any oil for this since the Chorizo already has it packed inside.  Just squeeze it from the package into a pan, add Eggs, Onion, and any other vegetable and cook until it becomes brown and the eggs are done.  For a more beautiful dish, cook the eggs and chorizo separately and mix them together after cooking.  To make this dish even more delicious (tough to do actually), add some fried potatoes and roll it up into a Tortilla for a Breakfast Burrito.

I couldn’t stand it with a cold flour tortilla, so I heat them up until they’re soft.  Be careful not to overheat them or they will become crunchy and rubbery.  Later I found the secret to a delicious Mexican Breakfast Burrito was to make the burrito with warm flour tortillas while the mix was hot, and then cover it with tin foil.  The heat softens the tortilla, but you can’t let it sit for too long or else the grease will destroy the tortilla and it won’t be pretty.

This is best served with a mild green hot sauce.



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