Breakfast Pan

Being a working woman, I’ve always dodged cooking in the mornings and saved it for the weekends, when I’d go all out on pancakes or your basic Eggs, Bacon, Toast, and Hash browns, but it gets boring and it seemed to take forever!  I decided to try something new and came up with the Breakfast Pan.  The ingredients for this costs $4 and makes about 4 breakfasts for 2 people – that’s 8 breakfastes’ for $4.  Breakfastes is a funny word.

Perfect buys at a Dollar Store near you:
Frozen Hashbrowns (or fresh cut potatoes microwaved until soft)
2 Tbsp of Milk
Frozen Stir Fry (or fresh chopped Bell Peppers/Onions)
Frozen Pork or Sausage
Butter or Margarine
Garlic Salt

Cook the sausage and drain.  Thaw the Stir Fry, drain the water and add to the cooked sausage; throw in 2 eggs and milk, scramble.  Add the potatoes to the pan and you have a Pan Breakfast in just about 5 minutes.  Cover the dish with cheese if you’d like, Pop in a piece of toast and in about 5 minutes breakfast is served.  Add some fresh or frozen fruit to the pan and you’ve got all your bases covered.

You can substitute any vegetable or meat products to change it up, but its the simplest way to cook up a fast breakfast.  You can cook the potatoes, eggs, and stir fry separately, and then mix everything, but obviously it takes longer.



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