No More Boring Corn!

I love corn, I truly do, but as a child, my Mom only served it with the juice from the can and some butter.  Occasionally we’d have ears of corn boiled, but it was always served the same, doused in butter.  I’ve come up with a few ideas to make corn a little more exciting.

Spicy Corn Mix:  Add a can of corn to freshly cut roma tomatoes, cilantro, onion, and garlic; or just buy a can of Rotel.

Not your canned cream corn:  Heat some heavy whipping cream or sour cream and add garlic salt, onion powder, bell pepper and a can of corn.  If you really wanna spice it up, add a jalapeno.

Roasted Corn:  Put some ears of corn in some foil with Italian or Balsamic Dressing and cook it on the BBQer.  Remove the foil to give it a smoky barbeque flavor.

Blueberry Corn:  Add some frozen fruit to your corn, along with some garlic powder or salt, and some butter or sugar and a little bit of onion to manage sweet to spicy.  Imagine Apple Corn!!

Corn with Flavored Dressing:  Heat the corn in any flavored dressing like your favorite salad dressing, meat sauce, bullion cube, glaze.

Bacon Corn:  Wrap your ears with bacon and cheese!

Add some chicken or beef to make it one dish meal.



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