Almond Dill French Green Beans

This is by far my favorite green bean dish of all.  I laugh because I used to cook green beans straight from the can, and just like corn, my mom taught me to just add butter and pepper.  How boring!


Fresh Cut Green Beans or Frozen French Cut Green Beans
Sliced Almonds (or Almond Extract)
Fresh Cut Garlic (Chopped or Sliced)
Fresh Basil
Dill Weed (Fresh or Dried Season)
Olive Oil (Coat the Green Beans; but not too much)
Onion (optional)

Heat the olive oil and add Green Beans, Dill Weed, Basil, Garlic, and a few almonds.  Cook until Green Beans become soft, but still somewhat firm.  Once the green beans are cooked well, add some more almonds and serve hot.

I can’t describe the flavor, but the Dill Weed and Garlic is really what makes this veggie delicious.  If you really want to impress kids with it, just add some fruit or a few glasses of wine; they’ll be asleep within an hour.




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