Homemade Ranch Dressing/Dip

Daisy’s Spicy Ranch:
Light Sour Cream
Heavy or Light Whipping Cream or 2% Milk
Chopped Onion Spice
Green Onions/Chives
Garlic Salt
Cayenne Pepper

ranchTo make a dressing:  Use a few spoonfuls of Sour Cream and add Milk or Heavy Whipping Cream and stir or shake until thin and smooth.  Use more milk to thin up the cream.  Add a tablespoon or teaspoon of spices until you reach the desired taste.  Use a Ninja or Magic Bullet to blend all of the ingredients.  If you really wanna have fun, use fresh ingredients.

Makes a delicious Ranch Dressing!  To make it a dip, just omit the whipping cream and use only sour cream.  Some creative chefs suggest using Yogurt for a lighter dip, but I prefer it with Sour Cream.  You can add bacon to it or bell peppers, and adjust the herbs for different flavors.  Use this for any kind of cut up vegetable or to add to a baked potato; it’s also good as a Chicken Marinade.  After you’ve done this, you’ll easily figure out how to make Onion Dip, Spicy Dip, and other herb flavored tastes.



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