Cooking with Mango

Mangos are such a juicy delicious fruit and even better when you learn to cook with them.  My brother made my first Mango Salsa, a mix of sweet and spicy ingredients, so of course I had to try it myself.  It turned out fantastic and I thought of the many things it could be used for with other dishes.

For a Mango Salsa, you will just follow a Salsa Recipe, using White Onion, Jalapeno, Cilantro, Tomato and Garlic; all finely chopped.  I sometimes add vegetable juice or a little sauce to my salsa, depending upon how thick or thin I want it.  To make it a mango salsa, I simply omit the Tomato Juice and add cut mangos and a little bit of Lime Juice to help preserve it.  It’s also delicious with other fruits since the mix of sweet and spicy make a great combo.

Imagine using these ingredients and switching from Fresh Vegetables to herbs and spice, and blending up the Mango; adding vinegar, white wine, or olive oil to make a dressing or a sauce for Chicken or Fish.  You can also add heavy whipping cream for a Creamy Sauce.


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