Cookie & White Chocolate Bites

I was researching Christmas cookies and candy recipes and I thought of this one on my own.  It’s a basic mini cookie with a layer of whipped marshmallow, crushed candy cane, covered or drizzled with white chocolate.  I can’t imagine you could mess this treat up as long as you know how to bake a mini cookie, melt marshmallow, and melt white chocolate chips.


Basic Cookie Dough (either make from scratch or buy some mix)
Marshmallows (either a bag or a jar)
Candy Canes (Crushed)
White Chocolate Chips

Use a miniature muffin pan or small cookie mold to make the cookies.  You can make them whatever size you wish, but I made miniature ones since I make a variety of cookies and candies for the holidays.

Use miniature candy liners to add the rest of ingredients and serve with.

Melt some marshmallows to a nice workable consistency.  I don’t know the best temperature, but you’ll want to melt down the marshmallow so you can spoon it out of the pan over the cookie.

Add crushed Candy Canes to the marshmallow.

Melt down a bag of White Chocolate Chips and Drizzle or cover the candy.  You can add colorful sprinkles or coat it with cookie crumbs before the chocolate sets.

What a delicious White Chocolate Candy Cane Cookie!  Add a few to a cellophane bag and deliver as a Christmas Gift!!


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