Cream Cheese Dip or Stuffing

Talk about a rich cheesy dip with so many variations and uses!  These dips are great for any party as just as appetizer or even to add to a main dish meal.


1 Package of Cream Cheese
1 Type of Onion (my favorite is Chopped Green Onions)
Garlic Cloves
Parmesan Cheese
1 type of meat (optional) – Sausage, Bacon, Hamburger

If you mix all of the ingredients and use it as a stuffing for Mushrooms, Chicken, or Pork, it makes for a rich flavor to a whole meal.  This mix is even great to add to muffin or bread mix, just keep in mind the cheese melts down, so you have to be watchful for proper consistency.  You can add other ingredients like spinach, tomato, or other vegetable to expand it.

If you add this mix to mushrooms or bell peppers or any other stuffable vegetable, be sure to add a bit of water to the pan before cooking it in the oven so the vegetable doesn’t dry out and it creates a sort of steam in the oven.  Don’t drown them, just enough so they don’t stick to the pan.

You don’t need to use salt because of the meat and the onion, but you can add a little if you want.


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