Chicken Broccoli Potato Soup

I came up with this concoction on a cold day when money was tight.  I started off using a whole chicken, cooking it up and using the carcass to create a nice chicken broth, adding onions, and removing the remaining chicken from the bone.


Fresh Garlic
Chicken (Whole using the carcass or a cooked chopped or shredded breast, thigh, or your choice piece.)
Fresh Broccoli
Cheese (Use your favorite, but it’s best with Cheddar or Jack)
Chicken Stock
Cream of Chicken Soup
Brown Onion

Optional:  Carrots, Green Onions, Spinach

Chop up your potatoes and broccoli and add to the boiling Chicken Stock, along with the garlic and onion.  Boil everything together until the potatoes and broccoli are soft.  Add some milk to make the soup more creamy.  You can add Salt and Pepper, Garlic Salt, or Onion Salt to alter the taste to your liking.  Add the cheese closer to the end.

It makes for a delicious hearty soup and almost tastes like a Chicken Baked Potato.  Delicious.



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