Yellow Curry with Rice

This is an easy Chicken or Shrimp Thai Dish where you can make up with several variations.

You just need:  Yellow or Green Curry Paste.  Your choice, but the green curry is more spicy than the yellow.  Yellow Curry is often served in Thai restaurants with a Rice and Potato, Snap pea, mix, but you can choose whatever vegetables you’d like to use.

I used just a basic Frozen Vegetable Medley with Broccoli and Carrots and maybe add Green Beans if I feel like it.  Sometimes I like to mix in chopped boiled potatoes for a more hearty thick taste, but it does add to the carb count, since it is served with Rice, but such a delicious combination.

Some recipes call for Fish Sauce, but I’ve cooked it without and it’s still delicious.  Sometimes you can buy a bottled curry sauce, but making your own is in fact more flavorful and fun.

It requires one can of coconut milk, found in the Asian part of the grocery store.

You’ll cook the Coconut Milk and a few tablespoons of Curry Paste until it reaches a thick consistency.  Do this while cooking up white rice.  If you choose to use potatoes, you’ll want to make sure those are boiled to a point of cutable tenderness before you add them to the curry mix.  Whether you decide to use Fresh or Frozen Vegetables, you’ll want to steam or heat them so they mix in well with the sauce.  You don’t have to do this in a separate saucepan; you can add them to the curry mix so the flavors infuse with the vegetables.  Just make sure your vegetables and shrimp are not over cooked and that your chicken is not under cooked.

Add either Chopped Cook Chicken or Shrimp; either is delicious.

When the vegetables are warm and sauce is thickened, add fresh basil and serve over white rice.

Challenges:  Using the right amount of curry so it’s not under or over-flavored.

A nice tasty one bowl meal from Thailand in about 20 minutes.


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