Things to do with Biscuits

It’s really easy to just buy pastries from a can and top it with cinnamon and icing and it’s also easy to buy biscuits in a can and turn them into donuts, cinnamon and jelly pastries, or even pizza or vegetable pockets.

It’s nice to use these to add variety to the table without spending exhausting hours in the kitchen learning to become a pastry chef (although, that’s not too difficult).

You simply take a can of biscuits (or bisquick used for making pancakes) and you add special twists, like literally twisting the pastry to a cinnamon role or poking a hole in it to make a donut and finding different ways of cooking it; to include deep frying or baking it with jelly, pie filling, pudding and topping it with icing.

Making Icing is simple.  It’s just a good mix of butter, confectioners sugar and milk; whipped until creamy.

You can add mint or vanilla flavoring using extracts or using cinnamon spices and sugar to make it sweet.  You can also melt down some bakers chocolate and drizzle over it or use chocolate syrup.

You can also use your biscuit mix to make creative biscuit like Cheddar or Mozzarella Biscuits, Chicken Biscuits, Vegetable Biscuits or anything imaginable depending upon your ability to blend flavors that bake well with biscuits.  You just have to remember not to kill your biscuit with too many heavy sauces or the dough won’t rise as it needs to.

Biscuit mixes make an excellent pizza crust where you can make mini basil and cheese pizza’s or breadsticks.

You can also make dumplings for your Chicken Soup, jelly doughballs, pie crust, or even pancakes with your biscuit mix; you just have to think about how you want it to taste and add sugars, jellies, cheeses, vegetables, or anything else, making sure it’s bakeable, fryable, or toastable.

Imagine a Vegetable Pocket made with a Pillsbury Pizza Crust or Biscuit Pastry.  It’s sealed with Cheese, Broccoli, and a light sauce.  You can do the same with Pizza Ingredients.

See, baking is easy!!


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