The Hamburger

This is not just any hamburger.  It’s not just a piece of ground beef thrown on the grill or in the pan.  It is carefully marinaded and mixed with seasoned breadcrumbs, served on a special bun with special sauces.

To make this special burger, you’ll need lean ground beef, a little bit of beaten egg, some finely crushed breadcrumbs, and a mix of chopped garlic, onion, and small squares of your favorite cheese.  It’s almost like making a meatloaf, but with less egg.  You can add some favorite mesquite bbq sauce, but be careful not to over power the ground beef with too much liquid or it will fall apart in the pan or on the grill.  It’s best to not use too much cheese or it will overpower the burger and it will not cook together right.

This beefy patty has hidden flavors of cheese, onion, and bbq sauce, delicious on an onion bun with avocado, lettuce or spinach and tomato.

Another favorite is a ground beef patty mixed with a Hidden Valley Ranch packet; grilled using mesquite bbq sauce.

Perfect side dishes are a light macaroni, potato or fruit salad; or in the summertime, just a piece of watermelon or mixed fruit on the side is perfect, unless you must have homemade french fries.

By far the best burgers I’ve ever made!


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