Soft Tacos – Shrimp or Beef

My soft tacos are super easy, tasty, and always a hit.

Often times I will just buy a Mexican Seasoning packet, but sometimes I will get creative with a jalapeno, garlic, and onion, maybe chili powder when creating my mixture.  I try to use lean beef or ground turkey; mixing either the mexican seasoning packet or my own spices to flavor it up.  Sometimes I will cook my beef or chicken in Enchilada Sauce for the flavoring and marinade.

I use freshly chopped avocado, tomato, grated lettuce and cilantro, cheese, sour cream and maybe my own homemade salsa or just a can of Rotel, which is just diced tomatoes with garlic or jalapeno.

Can of Diced Tomatoes (or Fresh)
Yellow Onion
All finely chopped and mixed in together.  Sometimes I’ll add fresh mango or orange slices to the mixture for a summer fruity taste.
Sour Cream

I enjoy my tacos with a Flour Tortilla rather than a crispy corn tortilla; with either Shrimp, Chicken, Fish, or Beef, sometimes Carne Asada.  These can easily turn into Fajita’s by replacing the fresh vegetables with sauteed Bell Peppers and Onions.

Always a spicy treat.


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