Roasted Chicken and Potatoes

It’s so easy to cook up a whole chicken with potatoes and broccoli or whatever your chosen vegetable is.  The only downside to this vs. a Rotisserie Chicken is that the baked whole chicken sits in the grease as it cooks, leaving a lot of fat behind, but you can baste out the chicken fats while cooking and replace with Chicken Stock for a healthier meal.

First, you’ll want to clean and gut the chicken, removing the neck, liver, and whatever else you find inside of it.

I prefer to use Red Potatoes for this dish, cutting them into halves, boiling them just slightly before adding to the baked chicken since the chicken seems to cook faster than the potatoes.

I add garlic, butter, and whatever other spices I’m in the mood for, creating a sort of liquid chicken marinade to mix in with the Potatoes.  Alternatives to this would be to just add a box of Potatoes Au Gratin in the dish with the seasoning, but Real Potatoes and a season mix makes for a much heartier meal.

Place the chicken in a baking dish, along with the tender cut potatoes and a chosen vegetable.  Broccoli is good, so is cauliflower and or carrots.  Cover the chicken and potatoes with the butter season mix.

Bake for about 30-40 minutes or until chicken is golden brown.  Check it throughout cooking and use a baster to spread the flavorings around.  For fat conscious chefs, baste out the chicken fats and replace with Chicken Stock.

After it’s cooked, chop up the chicken, and serve with the potatoes and vegetables on the side.  It’s a one bake meal for four and some leftovers.

You can follow the same directions and replace the chicken with a Pot Roast.  It’s all the same.

Always a winner at my table.


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