Grilled Chicken Salad

So healthy and easy to make, I wonder why I don’t have it atleast once a week!  It’s as simple as using left over chicken or baking some chicken breast, cooling it, and adding it to a nice mixture of green leafy lettuce with chopped fresh vegetables.

I like to use tomatoes, onion, cucumbers, olives, and sometimes pine nuts or walnuts in my salad.  If I’m feeling really creative, I will make my own salad dressings from Olive Oil, Vegetable Oil, or just a packet of Hidden Valley Ranch.

When I’m feeling really super creative, I might use a packet of Hidden Valley Ranch to cook my chicken in, along with using it as a salad dressing.  I also add Avocado and sometimes sunflower seeds and croutons to my salads.

Another twist that can be made with the chicken salad is using Southwestern Flavoring, giving it a Spanish or Mexican taste.  It’s best to mix this with Avocados, Salsa, and Sour Cream.  Add a Tortilla and you almost have a mexican burrito.  It’s great covered with crushed Tortilla Chips and cilantro.

A very simple and low cost meal where you can use Chicken, Beef, or Seafood and your choice of dressing.


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