Baked Salmon and Cream Sauce

Salmon or any kind of fish is a healthy yummy meal as long as it’s cooked right, de-boned, and even better with some sort of sauce.

My brother taught me how to use Heavy Whipping Cream to make up a Cilantro or Jalapeno Sauce, or anything really; it works as a nice base when you use the right amount; although heavy in calories.

I like to bake Salmon or Fish, along with a Fresh Steamed Vegetable like asparagus, green beans, or sometimes grilled bell pepper.

To make the cream sauce; it’s as simple as a half a cup of heavy whipping cream, butter, and chopped cilantro or jalapeno; or another green tasty vegetable like Spinach.

After the salmon has baked and you can turn a fork to make it flake, it’s ready to be covered with the cream sauce and served with a fresh vegetable and mashed or baked potatoes.

Also great served inside a burrito or as a dipping dish.  Other sauces that work well with fish are:

A thin cream cheese and onion sauce
Pureed Spinach, Butter, and Garlic
Pepper and Lemon Butter
Roasted Pureed Red Bell Pepper

Super easy and healthy!


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