Baked Potatoes

Baked potatoes are a delicious side dish that can be cooked in quite a few different ways and can be used more than just a baked potato with a cut of meat.  The most easiest and basic way is to poke some wholes in it and pop it in the microwave or the oven, covering with butter, salt and pepper, and bacon bits if you have them.

More creative ways include baking them twice with cheese and sliced green onion, adding a little bit of sour cream or mixing the potato with vegetable purees to get kids and seniors to eat their vegetables without really knowing it.  I prefer a healthy baked potato with light cheese, onion, salt, butter, and sour cream.

I love the baked potato that is carved out and the mixture is used to make creative mashed potatoes using garlic, cheese, bacon, and onions, or adding a chopped vegetable mixture.

Taking a left over baked potato the next morning and frying it up makes delicious hashbrowns to go with Eggs and Bacon or Sausage or it makes a great filling for a breakfast burrito.  They’re also good to chop up for fried potatoes with dinner.

You can take left over baked potatoes and chop them up to add to a Pot Roast or Baked Chicken dish.

The baked potato is more than just a “baked potato” topped with cheese, butter, onion and sour cream.


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